Recipes from the Low Water Kitchen | Hydrophilia

Recipes from the Low Water Kitchen | Hydrophilia.

I just discovered Hydrophilia recently, and have been enjoying the writing and ideas of author “Water Deva” Wendy J. Pabich. This post is an interesting take on water conservation.  Discussion of water footprints is gaining ground, but still an unknown idea to most people.  This is a very practical application of the concept that makes it very personal and meaningful (at least it does to me).

In the coming years and decades, water conservation will become more critical than ever, and I believe we will need to take more extreme action to deal with it, what I like to call “radical water efficiency”.  Although eating foods with smaller water footprints does conserve water, it isn’t always water that will be available in the immediate area–with our current food supply system, it’s more likely to be halfway around the world somewhere.  Where  food is grown and processed may be just as important as what food is eaten, or how it is grown.

Bon appetit!


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