Envirosmart Solutions Group (ESG), a division of WaterWise Consulting, Inc., was created to meet the varied needs of businesses and governments as they seek to become more efficient and sustainable, especially in water use.   ESG draws upon the ten years experience of WaterWise in traditional ways of managing water efficiently, and expands that to include sustainable water supply planning, alternative onsite water sourcing (rainwater, stormwater, and graywater), conservation rate structures and water budgets, and more.

The name really says it all:

Envirosmart– Environmentally smart (i.e., sustainable: defined as “able to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”).

Solutions– Answers to some of the resource challenges facing people and businesses, governments, and even our civilization and planet.

Group– Collaborative approach using a customized a team of experts for each project.

Want to join ESG as a consultant?  Visit our website at www.envirosmartsg.com


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